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Comfort food for lunch, showering with Laurel, interesting weekend and blue cohosh added to the mix.

There's something oddly satisfying about having breakfast comfort food for lunch -- flour tortillas dipped in thin refried beans and liberally smothered in onions and cheese. Even with fancier ingredients than I usually have (cheddar jalapeno-flavored tortillas, finely diced shallots, and huge amounts of queso fresco), lunch left me very happy. Laurel ate a pretty good amount for once, which only added to the goodness since she's currently on a streak of wanting only hot dogs for lunch.

Laurel's started asking for "fun showers" (i.e., a regular shower as opposed to having her bottom hosed off with cold water when she soils herself) daily, which gives me hope for instilling good hygeine habits in her. Today we took her rubber ducky in with her but she turned out to be more interested in "washing" the walls with a scrubbing pad.

This weekend is going to be quite interesting as we're ordering the new camera tomorrow, Friday night will be another get-together for Vogon's nerdsprout and justification for Laurel to spend a couple of hours in the pool, and Saturday night should hopefully give Vogon and I the chance to go out together. It's almost silly how excited I get by the chance to go out without Laurel.

I have to beat down the urge to call and see if my computer's been shipped yet. There are enough movies here that I can live with a constant rotation of them, but I miss my computer and I'd really like to get March and April photos up on sometime before August. (Anything I really want that isn't shipped here by the time Laurel and I go home for my sister's wedding, I'll take care of at that time.)

Blue cohosh seems to have been the missing link for when 'bitchwort' (cramp bark and squaw vine mixed 50/50 and packed into a size 00 capsule) alone fails to beat my cramping into submission and the cramping is making me pee more often than when I was pregnant.
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