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Laurel potty use update, some mail out, and the cat has accepted me.

Laurel's had a hit-or-miss week for using the potty -- she started out with an average of three or four sits and two successful uses a day and now won't sit except for after dirtying a pull-up. Next week will be better, especially with the standing offer of a half hour in the pool (hot tub for now, but pool more as it gets warmer) for two successful uses a day.

She was happily indulged earlier this weekend by the presence of kids at a get-together last night followed by Vogon's nerdsprout and friends taking her swimming earlier this afternoon.

I got the Mother's Day cards out earlier in the week but not the envelope of photos to my family, mostly because I haven't gotten the urge to cross the busy intersection just before the shipping store *much* closer than the post office.

On a personal but public note, Vogon's cat has accepted me. That's not quite the word I'm looking for, but she's gone from like to approval (by giving me gentle love-bites, which she apparently only gives to a handful of people) to acceptance (kneading me when she's happy). Definitely fits her breed. (:
Tags: 383.4973_postal_mail, 649.62_toilet_training, 797.21_swimming, cat-biko

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