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ObPlug: SinoFresh nasal spray.

Most of you reading this know in some detail about my chronic sinusitis, especially when I complain about it. Last time I complained about them on LJ, vogonpoet sent me a link to a practice that does laser nasal surgery that permanently solves many sinus problems. Unfortunately, I can't afford it anytime soon.

A few weeks ago while pricing generic clemastine, Vogon spotted a nasal spray that I hadn't tried yet -- SinoFresh. It's simply a topical antiseptic and emollient, but after using it twice a day for the past month, it's done two major things for me:
- I can smell consistently (not just during sinus flareups) for the first time since high school; and
- My sinus flareups are down to once a week or less.

This has had a more significant effect than a two-week course of Levaquin and not only is it a hell of a lot cheaper, it doesn't have all the side effects of being on a hardcore antibiotic.

Until I can afford to have that laser surgery, SinoFresh has improved my quality of life more than anything I've been on since developing chronic sinustis -- even phenergan.
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