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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Why you haven't seen me online the past week...

On Wednesday, I kicked myself into high gear to finish a costume shirt I had agreed the week before to make for kenwestervelt. (Pictures to come later, but he made a very nice Dread Pirate Roberts.) Also started sauerbraten since Himself really wanted it and I couldn't make it earlier in the month with his wisdom teeth extracted on the 10th.

My sinuses flared up on Friday night, so I tried to sleep it off instead of working through it. As usual, it didn't really help. One of these days I'm going to get either private insurance or Medicaid and be their worst nightmare until I get something done about my sinuses. (With Tricare, the best I've been able to get is my phenergan scrip renewed... after coming into the clinic three times so dehydrated they had to IV me, once sending me to Wayne Memorial because they couldn't get a vein. It's demoralizing.)

Finished Ken's shirt just after dusk on Saturday, then we went out to pick up Jose, who was spending the night with us prior to gaming on Sunday since he doesn't have a car. Did my best to tolerate him (he gets on my nerves) and made chocolate chip cookies for gaming snacks. While I was baking, Himself ran Jose through the backstory for his character and I enjoyed hearing how well he can DM despite being so sleep-deprived he frequently lost his train of thought.

On Sunday, Jake was supposed to call when he was ready to come over so I could start the sauerbraten (due to the cost of some ingredients, it's only something I'd make a few times a year and thought this was a good time) and side dishes -- braised red cabbage with apples and potato dumplings. Jake never called, so we finally called him around 1630 only to find he wasn't coming after all. At that point I was moderately pissed to have had Jose (who I was tolerating if it meant we could game) underfoot for nearly 24 hours for nothing and with the option of Himself driving him home then or dropping him off on his way to work later, he wisely chose to go back to Cassar's. (Jose's been living with him since Laurel and I returned. Before that, he was vegetating on the couch here after terminal leave.)

In the course of making the sauerbraten after getting rid of Jose, the potato dumplings refused to stick together (read: completely disintegrated after a minute in gently boiling water) and the cabbage got scorched (Himself says he forgot to stir it) so badly we had no choice but to toss it. By then the cold front coming in from the west had my sinuses in enough pain that I again tried to sleep it off and got somewhat depressed in the process of medicating pre-sleep. I was asleep by the time he left for work, but woke up when he came in afterward since he kept making I'm-in-pain sounds.

Turns out he broke the radius bone in his left arm and since the base clinic's X-ray machine isn't working (no surprise) and they also lack the facilities to set a cast, he got to spend a fair amount of yesterday afternoon at Wayne Memorial. He came home last night with his left arm splinted and with a sling and an appointment to have a cast done Tuesday at someplace in Kinston (about a 40-minute drive from our house). Naturally, the clinic in Kinston couldn't give him decent directions (hooray for Yahoo! Maps or he wouldn't have been able to find the place period since the doctor at Wayne gave him an address illegible except for a phone number and that number was answered by someone whose idea of directions was to the effect of "70... to... ah... Kinston... then.. um...") and he had to pick up his X-rays at Wayne on his way over, so he's been rescheduled for tomorrow. (While he was at Wayne, they nicely explained that they could set his arm there but Tricare wouldn't pay for it.)

That said, I'll be doing my best to catch up on reading all of you since Thursday... really. And before I forget: happy belated birthday, judecorp! I'm sorry I couldn't have said that on the day proper, but the short person and I thought of you. She had cookies (well, frosted shredded mini-wheats) in your honor.
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