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Two e-mail accounts checked again, photos coming soon, and a method for organizing sewing patterns.

Got my ISP e-mail accounts set up here, so I am now catching up three and a half weeks of LJ comments and will answer your fairly promptly if you send mail to either of them. (My address goes to one of them, so if you send something to it I'll get it.) On the other hand, Outlook Express is being touchy about fetching my Hotmail messages, so I still haven't gotten to those. I'm sure most of them are crap anyway since it's become my throwaway account.

Vogon took the slightly past half full card from my camera and his card reader with him today and plans to dump its contents to CD so you may be soon buried in photos as I get them ready and uploaded to Gallery. March and April 2004 photos will not go up at until my computer arrives here.

Organizing sewing patternsWe found a killer way to keep sewing patterns organized: 15-quart Sterilite flip-top boxes (~$3 each) hold pattern envelopes neatly on their sides, but we made them more easily searchable with category dividers. The boxes are a scant 6" deep, so we cut 4" wide by 7" high rectangles from posterboard, creased them at 6", and centered a label on the top folded-back inch. Now the patterns are sorted by category and the tops of the dividers lie flat against the top of the patterns when the box is closed.

In Media Diet news, we get NPR on two stations in strongly here, but I'm fighting the urge to turn it on unless the TV's off. I think I'm in love with KERA.
Tags: 004_computers, 640.48_organization, 646.2_sewing, 791.44_radio, administratrivia

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