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Laurel growth spurt, Spike the prawn, and my new food addictions.

A few random bits I've forgotten to post in the past few weeks:

If you put any coagulant in your soymilk maker, it will become a tofu maker for the rest of its life. (The soymilk makers here are now labeled "T" and "M" to prevent confusion.)

Laurel is going through a growth spurt and currently inhales anything you put in front of her -- if she's hungry. Most weekdays, she picks at her food at lunchtime and wolfs it down about two hours later.

At her bedtime, she's told to watch the fish when it's time to settle down. She now responds "and Spike the 'pwawn'" since she's learned he's not a lobster. (The large freshwater tank has a blue prawn that's a little longer than the span of my hand and assorted feeder fish in it. I think of Zoidberg from Futurama every time I watch Spike move around the tank.)

I am now addicted to the following foods: wasabi peas, Cotswald with onions and chives (I was before, but now I have a regular supply), vegetable rolls, tempeh, homemade yogurt with a dash of vanilla sugar, and miso. You may blame vogonpoet for all of them.
Tags: 633.34_soybeans, 639.3_fish_and_aquariums, 641_food, laurel

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