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Miscellanous update, new potty-training tack and finished the seashorse needlework pillow top.

It was unseasonably cold earlier this week in Dallas -- I actually wore long-sleeve shirts for two days. It's such a far cry from what I'm used to it's almost unreal.

In a new tack on encouraging Laurel to use the potty, she now has to change herself when she wets (take off the old one, place it in a shopping bag to be wrapped up to go in the trash, and put on a new one) and takes a brief shower every time she poops. It's unpleasant for both of us (my knees do not like kneeling while I help her clean her bottom with the handheld shower head) but man, does it work. I'm hopeful she'll be potty-trained by her birthday now.

She's learning not to chase the cat, not to throw things off the patio, and how to behave when eating out. (She behaves for everyone other than me when out because I have been giving in too easily, so I'm learning just as much as she is.)

Between favorable weather and Vogon's TENS unit, I've only had two sinus flareups since I got here and have worn my back brace three times. I wonder what my knees think of all this.

I finished the needlework pillow top (seahorses, started it last summer) so it only needs to be blocked before I can finish it into a pillow. Once that's done, I'll photograph it and send it home to Sarah along with my parents' GPS unit, which didn't get taken out of my bag after caching over spring break. Thank goodness it didn't mate with mine or I'd be offering purebred Garmin puppies. *snerk*
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