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Life is *very* good right now.

I wanted to post that I've been kidnapped by a Vogon and spent the past week handcuffed, enduring Vogon poetry, but it's not true except that vogonpoet is a wonderful host.

Laurel behaved the best she ever has on a flight and charmed the flight attendants. She's spent the week being thrilled by chasing Biko, riding in the car with the top down, and playing with water on the patio. In lieu of TV, she's been cycling through a short list of movies (A Bug's Life, Amelie, Dark Crystal, and both Stuart Little movies) when she's not busy playing.

I'm not sure what to say about how the past week's been for me. Meds kicked in sufficiently so the flight didn't kick my sinuses square in the nuts and every weekday's a new and different lunch experience. (Those of you that said I'd like bubble tea were right on.) I'm getting the hang of navigating so I can find the places within walking distance I want to go. And of course, I've been so ridiculously happy I haven't scheduled in LJ time because there's Thai leftovers in the fridge and so much soy I could make naked sheeps gay. (Seriously, the Vogon makes his own soy milk. It tastes so much better than Silk I might kick my dairy habit aside from cheese, ice cream and cream-based sauces.)

When I unload my camera, I'll post the best pictures to a Gallery album and post again with the link. At some point pictures with me in them might even show up, though you might not recognize me grinning like an idiot in them.

I miss the mountains, the clowns, Da Guys and other comforts of home, but it's been so good here I'm not sure when I want to return home. Maybe I'll let Laurel decide that instead. *wry grin*
Tags: 641_food, 976.42812_dallas, laurel, vogonpoet

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