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Springtime is coming soon so why don't you come to stay?

Everyone says I'm manic this week because I keep grinning for no reason. If I were really manic, I wouldn't be sleeping 8-10 hours a night. I'd be packing already.

We need ideas for something to do Friday night because Himself wants a reason to avoid someone who only calls when they're bored. I suggested Shakespeare's, but he's not really into pool and I only go on live music nights because they're non-smoking. (Every time we go we run into people I haven't seen in ever, like Evergreen people and ex-boyfriend Steve. It's hella entertaining.) It would be so much easier if he were actually social. Maybe we'll go out for sushi or Thai since they're always a good choice and we really should have better Japanese than Kokoro, although we're almost at a free bowl on our card.

I ate a Lunchable today and the processed food vibes haven't even put a dent in my good mood. Weird. Usually all the nitrates make me cranky.

I want to pack all my art supplies and take them with me, but that's not really feasible. So far, I'm taking a couple of patterns, my art markers, a sketchbook, pencils and a bunch of needlework projects since they don't take up much room. It's weird to realize we can have four checked items since she gets her own ticket now, but one of those is automatically her carseat and I don't want to take too much since my thrifty Yankee genes yell every time I think about taking a large suitcase.

This time when I wear my Yves Saint Laurent evening set, there will be print-worthy pictures of me in it, along with how much better everything looks with my current long hair.

Things are seriously going to rock and I'm taking all of you along for the ride. Keep your hands inside the car and don't spit over the handrail.
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