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Menagerie back on the road, a little satisfaction and more trip details.

Ronnie and Armida got back on the road today with their entire menagerie in tow. We're renting a carpet cleaner next week since it might help collective allergies.

After years of Dad telling me it can't be that bad when I suggest the best way to relieve my sinus misery would be a well-placed icepick (and it would be if an icepick could make a clean puncture through the bone), his sinuses clogged up so thoroughly that he told Mom he wanted an icepick earlier today. I bought extra clemastine while we were running errands.

In other news, the Dallas trip: Laurel and I are going to visit vogonpoet. The aforementioned "return date whenever" is because we have one-way tickets and haven't decided when or whether we'll fly or drive home. The biggest perk to not having a regular job is that my schedule until August is wide open with few exceptions (seeing Tea while he's home, rodeo parade, a couple of weddings). Helps to have friends with complementary amounts of craziness to come up with ideas like the trip. Brace yourself for an uptick in posts after Saturday. (:
Tags: 306.85_family, 616.212_sinusitis, 917_north_american_travel, 976.42812_dallas, vogonpoet

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