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Four dogs, three tortoises, two relatives and one miserable allergy season.

Nearly 18 hours into having dogs in the house, I'd like to trade my entire respiratory system for a new one. I'm cranky because I have to hold my head very still to keep things from swooshing around and making it hard to breathe through my nose. Meh.

In other news, Dad seems thrilled to have aunt Armida and Ronnie around and I think Mom and Amy will be pleasantly surprised when they get home this afternoon. (We haven't seen Armida since we moved to Colorado and I'm not sure when we last saw Ronnie.)

Himself's joke about circus dogs were unfounded since he didn't have the advance knowledge that Armida has been in carnivals for most of my memory. (She was circus in her younger years; I'll scan the poster sometime.) For those of you into dogs, the dogs are a Pomeranian, a miniature Doberman, an American husky and what looks like a cross between a miniature Doberman and a chihuahua. Additionally, there are three tortoises in a case that covers about half of Laurel's train table.

Photos forthcoming; I'm waiting for today's dose of Tavist to kick in so I appear functional.
Tags: 306.85_family, sick

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