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Brief update -- two caches found, darn cold, and surprise visitors.

This is going to be brief as I'm beating down a cold that's been kicking my arse since Wednesday and must get back to cleaning. Whee.

Logged two caches on Thursday, Sister Sister and Do you "READ" into things?. After logging the latter, we paid for the week-overdue missing library book and Laurel 'found' it as soon as we got home. Weenie kid.

Spent Friday too out of it to remember anything. Incoming cold front on top of a cold = misery.

Shortly before I woke up today, my tia Armida called the house and Himself gave her Dad's cell phone number. The axle on their travel trailer broke in northern Colorado and while they're waiting to see whether it's reparable, she and Dad's cousin Ronnie will be staying with us. I am, surprisingly, only moderately freaked -- and that's because they're bringing four dogs with them. (We don't have a fenced-in yard. Also, the house is going to have to be thoroughly scrubbed-down afterward to avoid massive allergy issues.)

If you need to get ahold of me during all this excitement *wry grin*, call the house line before 2200 MST or my cell anytime (Himself has it until this evening).
Tags: 306.85_family, 910.28_geocaching, laurel, sick

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