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Initial thoughts on Shutterfly.

I've had a batch of photos I've been meaning to get printed for Himself's grandmother, but I never got around to uploading them from a LAN party (I have a 56k connection at home) to whatever print service offers the best combination of quality and price.

I have a 52-print prepaid Shutterfly card sitting around that expires in 2005, so I sign up there. The obligatory "this site doesn't work well with Opera and Mozilla, so you should use [crap] for an optimal experience" message bothers me, so I sign out, open IE and log in, only to find the service wants me to download their Upload Assistant. Apparently using Opera is not a sign that I'm intelligent enough to just upload my photos.

As it informs me I have about an hour of uploading photos, it dawns on me that Gallery lets one print through Shutterfly and most of the photos I want to print are already up somewhere in my Gallery install. Meh.

I'll reserve judgment until she gets the prints.
Tags: 004_computers, 779_photographs
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