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Rollins = much goodness, last visit with Teegrr, and Dream Theater tomorrow night.

Short version: Henry Rollins was awesome. We had great seats, the new show is thoroughly satisfying, and I remembered the show well enough to repeat most of it verbatim for Himself later. The girls next to us were mildly annoying (one of them had a giggle that rivals Maisy for Most Annoying Noise Ever) but were redeemed for recognizing Adrian Belew ("There are fifteen eclectic people in the audience..."). Rollins could also use a brief crash course in military logic, but meh. Not like I'm any good for that, I'm just a suppository of useless knowledge. Stuff like that would be better left to Himself or Alarin.

Karak finally retrieved the boysenberry jam we gave him in December from the /dev/fridge and brought it back to jaehop, where I really need to make him pancakes or fresh bread to spread it on. While there, I got to see Teegrr for the last time since he'll be going back to Cali with Mother of Karak. *sniffs* Who will drool on me now? (Don't answer that.)

Dream Theater tomorrow night for Himself and fulvius. I hope it's good for them, but there is no hope for the satisfied man. *wry grin*
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