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Meme: post from this day a year ago, ad nauseam.

After folding things until I got sleepy, I decided to take a quick break and torture you with a meme.

If you've had LJ for over a year, look back to one year ago today and link back to and quote from your entries of that day. If you have had LJ for more than one year, go back for the same day for each past year and quote for them as well. If you've had LJ for under a year, quote from the first month you had LJ and then halfway through the time you've had it.

3 Mar 03: Laser pointers are NOT toys, or why some people shouldn't have kids.

"Two of the kids were being awfully quiet for being about 5-6 years old. It didn't set off any flags in my head -- they were dressed as if they'd come from church, so maybe they were just well behaved? -- until one of them spun around with something in his hand and BAM! I couldn't see.

Turns out the woman gave the kids laser pointers to play with. It doesn't strike me as a particularly bright thing to do as a general principle, but DO NOT GIVE LASER POINTERS TO YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY WITH IN A BUSY STORE!"

I didn't get an LJ account until May 2002, so the nearest post from my old weblog:
1 Mar 02: What was I doing 30/25/20/15/10/5/1 years ago?

"Today: March 01, 2002. Laurel will be turning 2 in a few months and I'll be 22 a month after that. We're still with my parents and Robert's been deployed to Kuwait. I'm learning that I can't please everyone and that trying only makes things worse all around, so I've found my focus is to be the best mother I can for Laurel and a good friend to the few folks that have remained in my life through the past two years. . . . It's up to Robert to work things out now since he's shown no interest in marriage counseling and there's only so much I can do when we're geographically separated now even after he returns to Shady J."
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