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Media diet: in which we watched C-SPAN2. Oh, the horror.

A few nights ago, we turned to C-SPAN2 for filler before Adult Swim started. (Normally we'd watch Comedy Central from 2230-0000, but since Comcast upgraded our lineup, CC comes in intermittently at best so we watch History or whatever we can get in that's sufficiently entertaining.)

The National Governors Association winter meeting wasn't particularly entertaining, but after making barbed comments about what Bill Owens must have done to get to sit next to Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of their cameras caught Rep. Nancy Pelosi looking around blankly and flashing intermittent smiles while Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne spoke, then introduced her.

Himself: Who is that? She looks completely lost.
Me: That's Nancy Pelosi.
Himself: What does she do?
Me: Congresscritter from California. House minority leader.
Himself: She looks like a mix of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. All that charisma and no idea where she is.
Me: At least she's got better hair.
Himself: The random smiling reminds me of Douglas Adams talking about using a smile as a weapon. Maybe she was cloned from Nancy Reagan and is suffering from gene drift.


Himself: We should take Laurel's talking Boots (the monkey in Dora the Explorer) and sample it when Bush is speaking sometime. *imitates the toy* Ooh ooh! Eee Eee! Where do we go next? *sings* Where are we going? Iraq! Where are we going? Libya! Where are going? Syria! Syr-ee-ah! Dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun da-dun-dun dun-dun dun-da-dun [this is the part where Dora and Boots dance around in the song] Syr-ee-ah!

Sometime after that, he started parodying the Shanna's Show (a filler spot on Playhouse Disney) theme, but I won't torture you with that. I finally tolerate him mocking government figures since he's *finally* going to vote this year.
Tags: 320_politics, 791.45_television, 817_humor, himself

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