Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Grumbling about unpacking; what to carve this year?

Himself got that week of leave -- well, four days and an actual weekend -- but not much unpacking got done. Between last week's thrills of losing dialtone for a day and losing water another (former housemate Joe is now on my shit list for not settling up what he agreed to before moving out), I wasted a lot of time trying to compensate.

Himself decided my computer (P3/500, 256 megs of RAM; a hand-me-down, but welcome nonetheless) was the best thing he'd ever seen and spent most of the week playing stuff like Call to Power and Heroes of Might and Magic. Between his attachment at the rear to the computer chair (not the good one, I may have to bribe someone to ferry it out here for me) and generally not wanting to leave a game to help move 6' bookcases (which he did after much nagging), I called him out on it on Sunday. If he wants to spend his off-time playing computer games, he can -- but not on my computer.

Right now, _most_ of the books (everything labeled as books, anyway) are unpacked, all of the bookcases are in the hallway, and all of Laurel's stuff (minus some clothing and Sesame Street videotapes) are unpacked. Still haven't found the elusive second bag of hardware that has the hex screws to assemble the baker's rack and dining chairs. I'm moderately peevish about that.

Also have yet to locate several kitchen items (good flexible spatula, good can-opener, bean pot, rice steamer) that I'm sure got packed.

Mostly just tired-irritated, but I'm working on a persuasive argument to convince the landlord that it's a Good Idea to let me patch, seal and paint the wallpaper in the house (both bathrooms, part of the kitchen and over the mantel). I have specific colors in mind after sealing/priming, but (auntiesiannan, feel free to trash me for saying so) I'm willing to settle with a neutral color just to cover up the awful harvest gold and avocado in the kitchen wallpaper. I can live with paneling, but dated, disharmonious and stained wallpaper is intolerable. My inner Dorothy Draper is screaming "Any color! As long as it knows its own mind! Just not that wallpaper!". If anyone wants to kick up color suggestions...
- Primary bathroom has a single east-facing window, door to west (bedroom). Fixtures are almond, tub surround is white (and could use a fresh coat of bathroom-friendly paint -- it's stained but looks to be in good condition). Vanity has a white top, awful cabinetry underneath (I'll probably refinish the frame and replace the doors). Twin mirrors over inset cabinets have an antique-gold finish frame around them.
- Secondary bathroom has a high, short and wide south-facing window, doors to north (hall) and west (bedroom). Fixtures are also almond, similar surround, cabinetry and mirror.
- Kitchen has two doors (laundry room and outside), open to living room/entry/hall. Windows to north (next to dining table) and south (above sink). Chair rail over wallpaper, medium-value woodgrain laminate counters. Has to play well with living room (navy futon cover, various shades of green -- primary artwork is a print of Jaro Hess' "Land of Make Believe", secondary is smaller prints and needlework in complementary colors). The over-mantel wallpaper is in full view of the kitchen and should probably be at least a complementary, if not similar value, color.

Random question: what do you think I should carve into a pumpkin this year? Last year I did an F-15E and the Denver Broncos logo as well as a pre-fab patriotic pattern... this year I'll be doing two pumpkins at most. Also have better tools (read: more knives! *grins*) this year so I can do finer details.
Tags: 004_computers, 394.264_holidays, 648_housekeeping

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