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Photos: two Gallery albums from this weekend and my new glasses.

Two new Gallery albums from this weekend's fun: a typical poker night at jaehop and fresh powder at the dam below Evergreen Lake. No real captions yet (just the filenames, which are marginally descriptive as usual), but nag me and I'll get some up this week.

my new glasses -- told you I look like a 14-year-old fangirl in them

The important thing about my new glasses are the plastic frames -- after the self-destruction of my semi-rimless, I'm minorly paranoid that my sunglasses (same semi-rimless frame as my previous glasses) will go the same way, only while I'm wearing them. Also, Himself helped pick them out since the combination of having my pupils dilated and my natural very nearsighted state (I've worn high-index lenses since high school) meant I could see squat while trying to decide my favorite among the few pairs I really liked before I had my pupils dilated. *wry grin* So if you hate 'em, it was a Joint Bad Decision.

Also, you can thank karaksindru for the cute cute shirt. He gave it to me for Valentine's Day. (:
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