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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

The last two days have been interesting.

Sorry to be away there for a bit, things got really interesting. (Himself applied for a few days' leave to help unpack after we got here last month. That leave has finally arrived; today was the first of four days of more unpacking and hoping to find the hardware to reassemble the dining chairs and baking rack.)

Yesterday we had no dialtone (thanks, BellSouth!) so I was cranky on top of having a headache (unusual for me, I usually just have busted sinuses). Hearing something rumble into the driveway around noon, I figured kenwestervelt was stopping by since he'd recently returned from visiting home during leave. Much to my surprise, it was Himself... with a waiver for the day off. Turns out he'd carpooled with a couple guys to a commander's call that morning and they were rear-ended on their way back to work. The coworker's car is shot (probably totalled, people here like to drive big trucks) but the guys are all pretty much okay with whiplash at worst. Himself had a bit of low back pain and a bump on his head, so he spent the afternoon on the couch sleeping it off and we now have some various prescription crap sitting around until I flush it down the toilet. (For those of you not familiar with how our alt.geek household works, the only meds in the house are mine -- Tavist ASH and prescription promethazine -- and then there's some assorted herbal stuff like my cranberry fruit capsules. I keep baby aspirin for Laurel in the first-aid kit, but after our respective experiences with doctors that overmedicate, we really don't want much else around.)

Made beef stew from scratch for the first time in ages last night and discovered that our stove vent sucks. (Also discovered that the hard-wired smoke detector doesn't work, but that's okay since we installed battery-powered ones in all of the bedrooms last month.) It was good, there were no whole peppercorns added (ahem), and Laurel ate at the table with minimal food spreadage.

Went to sleep late for reasons I can't remember... oh wait, I was finishing The Proud Highway (volume 1 Hunter S. Thompson's collected letters, spanning 1955-1967) and debating digging around for Fear and Loathing in America (volume 2, spanning 1968-1976). Very good, now debating purchasing Hell's Angels and Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail to round out our HST library (we have both volumes of The Gonzo Letters that have been published, a couple editions of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary, The Great Shark Hunt and one of his unauthorized biographies, When The Going Gets Weird).

Woke up late Tuesday morning (Himself got up with Laurel) to find Ken in the living room sharing details of his leave (he got the girl, w00t) and both of the boys making comments about children's PBS. In response to Ken asking why Himself doesn't turn the TV off if he hates Barney so much, Himself did and Laurel turned it right back on. Hee.

After Ken left, we ran a few errands and stopped in at City Girls Vintage. They've moved to a new location (Crossroads Plaza at Spence and Cashwell) and I had a nice conversation with the owner about the Buddhist carved offering bowl we'd bought there in spring 2001. Left with a trinket-y box for the main living area in the house (aka the Map Room).

Had lunch at Sonic (Laurel, as if on cue, amused our server with "Fries?" when our order came out) but left before finished since a smoker pulled up next to us. (It was around 90 in the sun and our car doesn't have AC so we had the windows open. Obvious local pulled up next to us as we were nearly done eating and immediately hung his arm out the window, cigarette in hand. Guess the kids in the back of his car had been smoked up enough, but since rolling up the windows on that side of our car didn't help, we left. May he die young and be cremated, since nicotine isn't a good fertilizer.)

In the process of grocery shopping, we found that the super Wal-Mart doesn't have sesame oil (no surprise, really) and that Laurel can scream for a decent amount of time after seeing something with (as auntiesiannan puts it) the dreaded Aylmeaux on it. Otherwise acquired most of our non-perishable groceries there (perishables from Sam's Club) and then hit the Oriental market by Phatboy's (they sell video games; most of our current trade-in credit will be blown at the end of the month when GTA: Vice City comes out) for sesame oil. Still have to acquire nori seasoning, fruit (I knew I forgot something on the list) and baby powder, but not bad considering what I usually forget (and this is with entering a list onto the Jornada).

Mostly hot and boring afternoon with putting-up of groceries (have to break up the ice cream later, but the meat's been parceled out and the new canisters for flour and sugar are full) and Laurel didn't take her nap until 6, so we're now finishing up dinner (have to make instant spuds since the meat's on the grill now) and we'll start and plate something for Laurel if she doesn't wake up soon.

Now if I could only remember which box has the hardware for the dining chairs and baker's rack...

"My Buddy Christ fell off of my monitor after I bumped into the desk. Diving for my sins, one might say." -- static
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