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Brief update - Himself home, Laurel using the potty.

Despite my adventure-filled weekend, I really don't have much to say. karaksindru and I watched all of Cowboy Bebop over three nights, ate cheddar butter popcorn and Heath Bites, and generally hung out. He has the patience of a saint, which is a good thing since I would probably do well to find a way to worry less.

Himself arrived back in Denver Monday night and returned with fresh lemons that we turned a few of into lemon bread. I'm prepping the photos he brought back from his uncle's wedding to go into a gallery album, but no promises on a timeline since I have a few things to do before I upload them.

Laurel has sat on the potty four times since Monday, with successful results three of those times. While I am very happy about that, I still wonder if we could just litter-train her instead. *wry grin*

Valentine's wrapup in a forthcoming friends post.
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