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Mandatory family reunion briefings, heh.

I picked this out of a friend's weblog entry because it reminded me of the Shady J FSC postal-mailing me over halfway through Himself's desert trip to tell me I could get some free services on base. It was swell they got through the paperwork he'd filed three months earlier, but they obviously didn't look at my mailing address. I wasn't going drive 38 hours from Colorado for free babysitting. *snerk*
I got a second email from our Family Support Group saying it's *mandatory* for us to attend "family reunion briefings" this month. . . . What are they going to do to me if I don't go? Not give me any support anymore? Gee, not that they've given me any yet. I'm not going. What are they going to tell me that I don't already know? This is not the first deployment we've been through. I don't relish the idea of sitting around with a bunch of stupid military wives and their screaming children, only to hear stuff that I already knew. . . .
Tags: 355.1_military_life, 817_humor

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