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Don't you wish you had a door that looked like the TARDIS?

karaksindru and I were talking about Doctor Who (no good reason, we're just geeks) and he mentioned he wished he had a TARDIS. Of course, I then thought about making a full-size model of a police box, but the cost is prohibitive on my nonexistent budget. We finally settled on faux-painting a hollow-core door to look like one side of the TARDIS and installing it in place of his current bedroom door.

If I make this happen, it might be the single biggest interior design change to jaehop since Karak became the landlord.

My inner gay man is going to kill me for such an appalling lack of taste, but my inner geek is about to explode from joy. My muse just wants another drink and a lot more paint. And I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, but that's normal for me.

EDIT, 0430: I have slightly more clue of how to go about making Karak's TARDIS-door thanks to The Blue Box Project, amd Rob's 3D Doctor Who Images. Thank you, Google.
Tags: 700_art, 791.45_television

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