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Photo: cutting the midget's hair.

I hadn't trimmed Laurel's hair in over a month, so she sat still after dinner just long enough for me to do her bangs. Mom thought the faces Laurel makes while I cut her hair were hysterical and kindly took a few photos for posterity.

Giving the kiddo a haircut

A few notes:
- The green on her face is due to her current fixation on coloring a ring around her mouth every time she gets her hands on a marker. (Earlier this week it was blue.)
- Those are my temporary glasses. When I finally replace my departed glasses, I'm aiming for something slightly narrower across the face because I feel like they're always sliding down on me.
- My hair up-pinning is usually a little neater. It's hard to find good thick-hair barrettes that'll hold my hair up in a double figure-eight (my hair currently falls 3" above my waist when it's down) and the best one I've had was swiped five years ago by a drunk hallmate.
- The low white table visible in the right background is the train table. Full-size pictures of it will appear in the January 2004 photos at when I post them next week.
Tags: 305.23_children, 646.7_personal_care_and_beauty, 779_photographs, laurel

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