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Sleeping in, garlic knots, BB gun vs. wall, Laurel asks for printing and dresses herself.

I got to catch up on this week's sleep debt today. It was lovely, aside from some middling confusion when I woke up brought on by trying to remember things I normally write down when awake coupled with trying to find my glasses so I could figure out who called. (I hear better with my glasses on.)

Right now I am in possession of enough garlic knots, cheese sticks and cheese bread to last me for a few days of cheese and garlicky goodness. The only perk I can see to living in a third-floor walkup like my sister does is being near someplace like the Garlic Knot off Kipling and Chatfield.

[edit, 0515: Scratch that. I went out for more to drink and found the remaining clear-top containers (garlic knots and cheese sticks) sitting empty on the dining table. At least I had my fill of them earlier.]

Himself did *something* to a wall today with the BB gun, but no one will volunteer where and I'm too lazy to go looking, so I guess that's a surprise for another day. We probably have extra paint to touch it up, but I should see how the spackle has held up to being in the garage this winter. Heh.

Laurel has finally grep'd that the printer does not automatically make coloring sheets for her and regularly asks me to print off more. She's gotten a couple dozen pages this week, hastening the time when I have to acquire a new toner cartridge. The average retail price is around $70 *cringe*, but it's still cheaper per page than any of the inkjets I've had. (:

She's also started dressing herself and appears to have not inherited Himself's fashion sense, much to my relief. Photos to come. She's currently awake after taking a late nap so we're watching Toon Disney until she nods off.
Tags: 641_food, himself, laurel

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