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Another squirrel down, new books, shopping with Himself, and coloring pages on CD offer.

Today was just full of surprises...

It started with the strangest three-way IM conversation I'd had in awhile, which then extended into Karak and I talking (he went out to the DT colo to check on down servers) while he was on his way to pick up Fuul for a late-night meal. V. strange, but as usual I love Da Guys as much as I ever have.

Giving new meaning to killing two birds with one stone, the squirrel Himself killed today was pregnant. We are also fairly sure it was the squirrel that dragged things off the deck and up its tree. Either way, that's several less squirrels to chew on the deck and dig up bulbs from the garden, so I'm happy.

An package arrived today with Good Families Don't (the best book ever about farts) and After A Fashion: How to Reproduce, Restore, and Wear Vintage Styles. revme, you've created a monster -- both Laurel and my little sister want me to make them stuffed farts (to look like the fart in the book). I'll post pictures after I've made them; in the meanwhile, I need to pick up some polarfleece and fake fur and find my needle safe 'cause my doll sculpting needles are in it.

Himself and I were delegated to pick up pizza and more drinks for the house, which resulted in us coming home with said pizza, three 12-packs of Dr Pepper (most of the household drinks it in varying amounts), a box of apple cinnamon oatmeal, two packages of brand-name bacon and chocolate chips. It was priceless when Himself mocked me for having to think to remember my current phone number with a Special Ed voice and the checker interrupted him mid-"Yay Donkey Kong!" with "Would you like me to smack him for you?". I love being home so much.

Nick Jr's website has followed the evil of Playhouse Disney in no longer offering easy-to-save .gif or .pdf files of its free coloring pages and books. Armed with a full copy of Adobe Acrobat, I've been systematically printing them to PDF via Acrobat Distiller. If you'd like a CD-R of all the various coloring pages I have, drop me an e-mail and I'll hook you up.

Later conversation with Karak led to more planning for our Valentine's Day hanging out -- we're going to watch Gigantic on DVD on a comfy couch with the /dev/blanket. We should probably stock up on chocolate Penguins and cheddar butter popcorn now. *chuckles*

With that, I need to get a few things in the mail tomorrow -- the February issue of Parenting arrived Tuesday but has sat here while I was wrestling a head cold, at least some of the 2T clothes need to be sent to their next wearer, and I seriously need to finish thank-you notes for holiday gifts even if I don't know which of Himself's relatives gave Laurel what.
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